Sunday, July 24, 2011

School's Out!

So technically Friday was last day of summer classes but I submitted my last test today. I cannot say how happy I am that I get a little "summer break" before school starts back in August. Psychology almost did me in and I am just glad it is over!

Halsey's first tooth has popped through and her attitude is showing it! She has been so cranky and whiney this past week, I'm sure shots didn't help any,  and I am one tired momma. Hopefully she will be back to feeling like herself soon.

Everyone told me it goes so fast and I can't even tell you how many times I heard that, but honestly it is so true. It makes me sad to think that my little sweetheart is 7 months old and is already getting big. I know her birthday party will be here before we know it and don't get me wrong I am excited to watch her grow and see who she is going to be, but it's also sad!

Hopefully I can get her monthy posts up tomorrow and catch up!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Bee!

So somewhere between school, work, a SIX month old baby (I cannot believe this!), a trip to Texas and random other things I have forgotten to update the blog! Our little sweetheart is getting so big and had her pictures re-taken today! I cannot believe how much of my heart belongs to this little girl and I want to bottle her up to keep her this little for as long as possible!

I plan on getting her 6 month post up soon and getting into more of a  routine that includes blogging. But for now here is a sneak-peek of little miss:

Sweet girl! Her hair is getting more of a red tint to it and I am loving it- she gets it from her Great Granny Diane and I think it is the cutest thing!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5 months!

Okay so 5 months and a few days but who is counting? I took a little break just because I feel like we have been running around like chickens with no heads lately. Hopefully it will start slowing down and I will have more time for the blog! But here we go....

Halsey- you are FIVE months old!!

*You weigh 14.5 lbs
*You wear 3-6 months in clothes
*You are in size 1 diaper

*You can roll from your back to belly
*You can hold your own bottle and you look so big when you do
*Your binky is a toy to you- you put it in, pull it out and smile, then put it back in

*You laughed for the first time and I will never get tired of that sweet giggle
*You are in a shy stage, if  someone talks to you you lay your head on my shoulder
*You still love to talk

*You have started "singing" and will copy me when I sing to you
*You have found your lips and you play with them
*You have also found your big toe and like to suck on it

*You are so spoiled and throw a fit if you can't see somebody in the room with you
*Your hands are more coordinated and you reach for everything
*You just sit and watch us eat, you are dying for a bite

*You eat baby food twice a day and love your sweet potatoes
*You only nurse every 4 hours now
*You sleep for 10-12 hours every night, I love this!

*You are so serious like your daddy. It takes a lot to make you laugh!
*You have such a little personality and are very strong willed
* You know how to throw fits and have a little temper- that is not cute!!

We cannot believe you are ours and are already so big! We love you. We love you. We love you sweet girl!

Friday, April 22, 2011

4 months!

Halsey- I cannot believe you are 4 months old! It has gone by so fast yet it seems as if you have been here forever. I'm loving this stage you are in- we are starting to have so much fun!

Here's what you are up to:

You weigh 13 lbs. and 4 oz!
You are 24 inches long
You are still right at 50th percentile for everything
You wear size 1 diaper
You wear a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 months in clothes
You wear a size 0 shoe- your feet are so tiny and I kiss them daily =)

You still nurse every 3 hours during the day
You sleep 9-10 hours at night
You put everything you grab immediately in your mouth

Your hair is turning light- I;m starting to think it will be strawberry blonde soon
You look at your daddy and flash him the biggest smile without him saying a word
You blow bubbles constantly and drool everywhere

You like riding in the car now! It seriously happened over night but this makes things so much easier
You still take your pacifier- you pull it out, look at it, then TRY to get it back in
If you can't see somebody around you you start to panic
You eat cereal for breakfast and right before bed

You are so close to rolling over, it will be anytime!
You like sitting in your Bumbo- you think you are a big girl
You try to sit up all by yourself- again, you are still my BABY!

We love you baby girl!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catch Up!

I hate playing catch up but I just haven't had time to blog lately- and I can't find my camera!  This will probably be the most boring post ever but I would like to remember it someday.

 We have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY and now the aftermath is starting to hit me! My mom was on vacation all last week and we loved running around and spending time with Grams! Monday we went to see sweet Kaylee. It is amazing to me how big Halsey is compared to her.We took some precious pictures that I will post when I (hopefully) find my camera.

Tuesday we headed to Branson to do some shopping and it was just a BEAUTIFUL day to stroll on the landing. Wednesday mom had a dentist appointment in Harrison so we tagged along and I ran by the college to drop some more info off. I'm anxious to start but even more anxious to be done!

Thursday we headed to Fayetteville to get some shopping done and to pick up supplies for Kaylee's baby shower. And we ended the day with 2 shots :( Poor chubby little legs! Then Friday Dad was off too so the 4 of us headed back to Fayetteville. It was just a nasty day but we managed to hit up Target, Sam's, Kohls and both malls! And we ended up at Mimi's for lunch-yummy! We ended a long day with our nephew's birthday party. Happy Birthday H!

Saturday I cleaned the house then headed to town to set up for the shower. We went to Papa's house for supper and games. I just love spending time with family!

Sunday was the baby shower and Halsey's first time to watch Daddy's softball game. She is such a daddy's girl it is ridiculous! I think all of this was preparing me for yesterday.

I was supposed to be in Rogers at NWACC at 8 for college orientation. That meant I needed to get myself ready, feed Halsey cereal, get her ready, nurse her and on the road by 6:15! We pulled in at 7:45 and I was so proud that we were: 1. there early, 2. I hadn't forgotten anything, and 3. Halsey slept the whole way there (a HUGE deal for her)! We were there for FIVE hours but she was such a trooper. I really don't think people realize how hard it is to hold/carry a baby for that long, prepare and feed bottles, change diapers and entertain a 4 month old while juggling the diaper bag, papers, meeting advisors, registering for clases,etc. I was exhausted by the time we left and my arm is still sore!!! After we left there we went to Target( where I decided it was time to buy a Moby wrap), the Promenade, and then... Mimi's!! I'm sure I looked ridiculous sitting by myself scarfing down my food but I was starving! I think Halsey knew that too because she sat in her carseat the whole time and was just happy as could be. Then we headed to Fayetteville to pick Mom up from work, stopped by Rick's and headed to the Rhea Lana sale!

Needless to say we are being lazy today and tomorrow before Granny's surgery on Friday.

And because I hate posting without a picture I stole this one from Kristy-

My sweet girl at the shower!

The next post will probably be all pictures  =)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A lot changes in a year

Exactly one year ago today I went to the store, came home with a pack of Clear Blue tests, waited the longest 3 minutes of my life, then took this picture:

After that I think I went back and bought two more packs "just to make sure" :)
I had no idea what journey was ahead of me but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I've never been a big fan of this day but the joke I played last year for April Fools will be one I never forget. Let me start by saying that Tyler and I are always pulling pranks on my parents- it never gets old (for us)!

Last year I was going about my day, remembered it was April Fools and knew I had to think of something for either mom or dad. Then it hit me. Mom was on her way to Texas so I just called to chat and then ended with "Mom, I'm pregnant." It was the longest, most awkward pause ever on the phone. She took a deep breath, thought for a minute and then realized what day it was. Little did I know that I was pregnant but was completely clueless. Needless to say I was the butt of that joke for sure.

In other news, Halsey had cereal for the first time last night and she loved it. We were cracking up at how mad she was getting because I was too slow with the spoon. Hooray for sleeping through the night again! Quite a shock when she went from sleeping 10 hours to up 5-6 times at night.

I'm so glad it is Friday! Me, mom and H are going shopping tomorrow then Halsey's dedication is Sunday- hopefully the sun will be shining!