Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two months

Halsey you turned 2 months old yesterday but it was a rough day so it's a day late. Here's what you're up to!

You weigh 10 pounds 9 ounces and are 22.5 inches long. You are right at the 50th percentile for everything!

You HATE riding in the car- I dread long trips with you and we've had 2 so far this week.

You  have started sucking your fists. You tuck your thumb in and try to cram your whole hand in your mouth.

You smile at us and it melts my heart.

You like to look around and hold your head up by yourself. It amazes me how strong you are!
You are going to be a talker! You just stare at our mouths when we talk to you and try so hard to talk back to us- it's adorable.

You are wearing 0-3 month and newborn clothes.

You wear size 1 diaper.

You love to look at the chandelier. You will lay and stare at it for a good 30 minutes.

You don't like naps or sleep for that matter. You fight sleep horrible at bedtime but usually sleep pretty good through the night. Last night it was 8 hours!

You like your gumdrop pacifier. It will calm you down most of the time.

You still like taking baths and I still love those pictures of you.

You are getting chunkier by the day and I love your little rolls.

Your eyes are still blue and I'm beginning to wonder if they are going to stay that way.

You are a little wiggle worm- the only time you are still is when you are asleep!

We celebrated your first Valentine's day this past month. Daddy brought home a bear as big as you and a balloon and you were fascinated by it all.

I look at you and still can't believe that you are ours- we love you so much baby girl!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rub a dub dub!

Miss Halsey loves bathtime and I think they are the cutest pictures. So almost every bath we do a little photo shoot- I'm sure she will love me for these later but these are some favorites!

Look at those chubby thighs- I can't resist to grab the camera!

A little blurry but her face says so much!

Gotta love a clean baby in fresh jammies!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy Days and Dresses

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, 70 degrees and we went for a few walks!

She liked it once we actally started walking but you sure can't tell from this picture.

Then we woke up to this..quite a difference!

We haven't been out to play today but we plan on it tomorrow. We had a LONG night! Halsey cried (loudly) from 9 until 3 this morning. She took a bottle earlier that evening while mom and dad were watching her while we went to Wal-Mart and got too much air on her little belly. I finally sent Tyler to town at 2:30 to get gas drops because I felt so bad for her and it wasn't getting better. She finally settled down and slept and has been since but I hope we don't go through that again!

A little project mom and I have been working on the past couple of weeks are dresses for Halsey. I think they are adorable but it's outrageous to pay $30 for them off Etsy so we decided to try and make some. I think they turned out pretty cute considering our first time!

I told Tyler to take a picture of the last dress and this is what he did- he though I should be impressed because of the flowers around the dress. He is so clueless when it comes to girly things- but he will quickly learn!